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Tips for getting started with programming

The first time you encounter someone talking about “code” or “programming” It can seem intimidating, especially when you don’t understand what it is.

Programming is typically looked at from an engineering/coding viewpoint.

This kind of conversation is pretty typical. Instead of discussing an issue, people will discuss the languages they speak and the degree to which they are familiar with the language. Everyone speaks a different dialect well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it can be confusing for newcomers who get caught up in the details too early.

What’s the code?

A code is essentially an instruction set that are given to computers. These instructions are processed by an interpreter, or translator (the compiler) and then gives it a set of steps to follow to achieve something. The “something” could range including displaying text on a screen, or adding two numbers together. The code is only available as text filesand can be run by other applications (more on this later).

The reason it’s called Code is that the language of programming (which contains the list of instructions) may as well be considered to be a secret code. It must make sense to the computer, not humans. This is the reason there are coding tutorials out there that may as well be written in a different language. These tutorials are simply texts that are human-readable, but don’t have any significance until they are actually read or heard by people who speak them.

When someone mentions “code” don’t think about an equation immediately. Think about running commands/text files instead!

If you are familiar with some information about Code and have a clear idea of how you can work with existing code, this can be the perfect way to get started with it. You can make use of one of the many programming tutorials available or perform an Google search if you’re looking to learn an entirely new language. This will let you learn the fundamentals of programming and will give you a taste of what it is like before you dive in!

Just keep in mind that these programs are generally simplified (which is understandable since they’re “tutorials” at the end of the day!) however they will show you the way programs work inside.

If you want to learn more, click middle school coding curriculum

This is a great place to start if you are an absolute beginner!

Here’s a simple example of the basic Python code:

print “Hello World!”

This is the first line from the well-known “Hello World” program. It’s considered a tradition for people who are not used to programming and it can help you understand the meaning of code. It tells the computer what to print next to the “:” symbol on the screen or from any text file that is saved on your hard disk. This isn’t the way that all programming languages function, however it’s a good way to introduce basic concepts.

The only way to learn to code is through practicing! The more you program, the better you’ll get. I hope this article was useful for beginners who are just starting out on their journey of learning how to code.


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