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What is landing page?

Landing page is a web page that serves as an amplifier for advertising efficiency and a way to increase the company’s customers. As a rule, a page contains an advertisement for a single product or service, which reveals their features to the maximum and attracts the attention of the audience.

The transition to the landing is carried out from advertising in social networks, contextual advertising Google and Yandex, organic issuing of search engines, and e-mail newsletters. The main task of the landing page is to induce the visitor to the target action, as a result of which he becomes a buyer or client.

And this is a very important point that can significantly increase the conversion (the number of purchases or registrations), because the landing page is designed to most effectively lead the user to perform the target action. If you send all visitors from all advertisements, for example, to the main page of the site, you can catastrophically lower your conversion and fly into the pipe.

What are the types of landing page?

Depending on the goals you are pursuing, you can divide landing pages (landing pages) into several types:

  • Subscription page – its task is to obtain the e-mail address of the user who has visited it. With it, the base is assembled, on the basis of which, later, by means of email marketing, they will try to make a client or customer from a user who has entered the network.
  • Commodity landing page (landing page) – serves directly for the sale of goods. In fact, this is an advanced (extended) product card that you can meet in any online store. There will be a “Buy” button, a description of the goods, as well as delivery terms, a contact phone number and similar information.
  • Landing on services – an analogue of the commodity, but only try to sell the service here. True, instead of the “Buy” button, a contact phone is already being pushed to the fore, on which it is proposed to order this service or to receive additional information on it. Well, other attributes are similar to the previous type of landing pages.
  • Brand landing page – only large brands can afford such luxury (for example, Apple or Samsung), because it does not sell the advertised product or product, but simply conveys information about its appearance or update. Profits are going to increase the overall growth in sales of this product or service.

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