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The profession of a programmer is not for everyone. And it’s not only about the presence or absence of talent, but also about the nature of the work itself.

Writing code is also an art: like artists, programmers create masterpieces. And although the end result of their work is a program, this also requires a certain talent.

What are the advantages to work in IT?

7 advantages of IT for non-programmers:

1. The speed of work in the company. IT is a market that is developing very fast. And in order to stay afloat, you need to work quickly, think quickly and act quickly. And the higher the speed of work in the company, the more interesting your work will be.

2. You are always aware of all the news in the field of IT, even if you are not a programmer. And this means that you always have something to talk with your friends.

3. You are surrounded by highly educated people. They are all professionals in their field, and this also helps you to improve your skills and knowledge, whatever you do.

4. Work with innovative projects. Each IT product is truly unique, and it is more interesting to work with new and unusual products.

5. Ability to work remotely. Often, in IT companies, employees, whether programmers or not, are allowed to work remotely, and many appreciate it.

6. Business trips, relocate, exchange of experience and communication with partners and colleagues in foreign languages. This is only part of the prospects for working with large international IT-companies.

7. Level of income. Not all IT companies, as they think, are willing to pay employees in foreign currency, but the fact that the salary in this area is above average is a fact.

What are the  popular non-technical specialties in IT companies

1. IT recruiter and HR manager

Both of these specialists work directly with programmers, but do not program themselves and, as a rule, do not evaluate the technical skills of candidates.

IT recruiter is a person who is responsible for quick search, high-quality selection and closing of a vacancy.

What you need to know and be able to? Recruitment is suitable for those who know how to look for specialists to meet the needs of the company, can work with resources. He can find suitable candidates for the company and understands how to interest each of them. Also, he should be able to independently organize and conduct all stages of the interview. And at the end, having analyzed the pros and cons, choose the “same” person.

HR-manager connects at the stage of adaptation of a new employee. He works with company employees and develops corporate culture. Before him is the task to build a team. He also comes up with interesting and motivating events within the company. He knows that staff is a very important component, which often determines the effectiveness of all other factors.

2. Sales Manager

Suitable for those who have a talent to persuade and pursue.

What you need to know and be able to? Very often, English is needed at a very high level, since IT companies often work for foreign customers. Everything else depends on the product to be sold.

3. Account Manager

This is a “man-superhero” who is able to resolve conflicts between a client and a project manager or directly with a specialist. And he knows everything about the customers of this business and its competitors.

Suitable, first of all, active people. From them should come energy that will charge the client and everything around. It must be an emotional and at the same time rational person.

What you need to know and be able to? It is necessary to be able to quickly deal with the client’s product, have developed communication skills and the ability to organize and store everything on the shelves.

4. Project Manager

It is best suited to people who are interested in IT-technologies, but their talent and strength are organizational skills and software skills. They have a wonderful sense of time, taste and people. And they have an excellent sense of humor. Suitable for those who like to work with people.

5. Copywriter

Suitable for those who can not imagine themselves without a pen, or rather, without a constant number of letters. Depending on the position and in the presence of talent, this is suitable both for people with minimal work experience, students, and those who have already seen and written a great deal more than one million characters.

What you need to know? You need to competently and clearly express your thoughts, write interesting texts, understand what deadlines are and have a sense of taste. You can prepare content for social networks, product descriptions, selling texts on the website or for presentations.

6. Art Director

All scenarios, models, scenes, characters, sketches, sketches, designs and a thousand other things without his participation and approval of the client will not pass.

What you need to know and be able to? A plus will be the availability of art education. This is a creative field of activity, which is directly related to the embodiment of creative ideas and visual perception of reality. Also an important requirement is the possession of programs for creating drawings and, of course, an excellent sense of taste.

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