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How does it start?

It was since 1996 that the prototype of today’s investigation appliance began to strive on the dorm of Stanford University, which at that time were studying in graduate school (doctoral studies) not known now in the world Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Page had an idea to move this ranking system to hunt for on the Internet. He associated scientists with individual documents (not websites, but separate web pages), and links on the Internet have existed since the invention of the WWW web site by Tim Berners-Lee back in 1989 (by the way, a couple of years later, it was Tim who founded the W3C consortium and developed Html language).

Well, as a result, the ranking factor that you all know has appeared, which is still taken into account by explore engines – PageRank.

PageRank made a revolution and allowed to raise the quality of the inspection for the forthcoming of Google to unattainable heights.

How did PageRank become Google

Sergey and Larry asked their first users to express their impressions and comments on the investigation , tried to take them into account and finalize them (in fact, this was the alpha testing stage). The search became available in 1997 at An application for licensing (what is this?) Search engine using PageRank was submitted from Stanford.

As you can see, the URL code already uses the word Google (although there was a time when the exploration algorithm had the name BackRub, because it was based on backlinks), which was coined the day before as one of the possible names of the research engine. The origin of this word is associated with the incorrect spelling of the term Googol (Googol), which denotes a tricky number consisting of one and one hundred zeros after it.

Do you know what is the most interesting in the history of Google? That she could end up at about this place. As I mentioned earlier, for Sergey and Larry the main thing was to get a quality education, and the work on the search system took all the time and did not leave him to study. What do you think they came up with?

Well, of course, sell all rights to use PageRank machinery and put an end to the increase of the Google project. Remarkably, they offered their product for a comparatively small amount of one lemon in greens to such well-known to the Titans as AltaVista, and other communities that are no longer heard. Remarkably, AltaVista even managed to bring the price down by a quarter, but in the end it still did not buy it.

After that, Larry Page and Sergey decided to hammer all the same to study (many of us made the same decision even in view of much less weighty reasons) and to work closely on the development and promotion of the innovative, by that time, search engine with an unknown name Google.

It all came down to the fact that development needed money to buy servers. Without this, it would be impossible to move on, because even with the relatively low popularity of Google at that time, it required quite large resources to store and process on the fly numerous user requests.

So, let me remind you that the domain was registered in September 1997, and exactly a year later Google Inc. was already registered.

The popularity of Googol grew and the hundred thousand greens received were very quickly spent on components. The guys again rested against the wall, but again they managed to do the incredible – to get twenty-five green lyams for development from two venture offices, while not driving themselves into bondage (leaving the full right to manage the company and resolve all issues at their own discretion ).

For 2001, was in positive territory even for seven green leaves, and now the profit of the leader of the world search is estimated at billions. In addition to the American audience, he has long been focused on the whole world. The search can be carried out in 200 languages ​​on various regional sites. In addition, in fact, search technology, this company during its existence has opened a lot of related services, starting with Google images and U-tuba, and ending with the most popular browser in the world.

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