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How to order the design of logo?

The logo is the main element of the corporate style, which allows you to allocate your organization among competitors. Becoming recognizable and different from others is a very important task. To be unique in any sphere of activity means to be interesting. A good and well-designed design of the logo will attract the attention of customers and possible partners.

The logo should visually represent the features of your company. And when it is properly implemented, it brings confidence and lays the foundation for a good attitude to the firm. In order for it to be well memorized, it should not be complicated, but nonetheless it is required that it carry the maximum amount of information.

Web development Q-Start in Miami offers our customers to order a logo development service. We make such an approach to creation and design, in which this logo can also be used to design a variety of advertising printed materials.

5 basic steps when creating a logo

1. Preparatory stage

An analysis of the sphere of activity of the customer company is carried out.

Clarify the wishes of the client.

The features of the company, its services or products, its target audience are determined. All this is taken into account for display in the logo.

2. Stage of development of concepts

Determined how the company is going to position itself.

Based on the results of the preparatory work, the appropriate color scheme, the style of the future logo is selected.

It is decided whether to use the logo of the company, pictures and symbols, or a combination of them. The main principles in this case are capacity and conciseness.

Several variants of the logo are being developed

3. Stage of approval and revision

The client chooses one variant of the logo from all proposed.

At the request of the client, the selected version of the logo is being refined.

4. Preparation of the logo for placement in printed editions and the Internet

Thinking about where the customer’s logo will be placed. And, with this in mind, it is maximally adapted to the selected carriers.

5. Stage of providing customer original files (final stage)

To place the logo on the media of its choice, we transmit the source files of the developed logo in electronic form to the client. For example, for placing on documents, business cards, on souvenir products and so on.

The competent logo design of the company, executed by web agency in Florida Q-Start, will work for your purposes around the clock, highlighting the company from a multitude of competitors, attracting the target audience, increasing the trust in the products or services you offer.

Web studio individually approached to develop each logo. This allows you to make the logo of your company unique, which is ideal for placing on any medium that has the maximum effect. Your logo will reflect the ideology of the company, will cause the necessary associations with potential and existing customers.

Logo and its responsibilities:

When you see your logo, a person must instantly remember it and recognize it at the next meeting.

The logo is obliged to bring people trust, admiration and devotion.

A good logo should reflect the company’s activity or character.

A well-designed logo must meet the following requirements:

1. Content load

2. Color gamma

The logo should look colourful and in black and white, both in small and large sizes.

3. Usage

When creating a logo it is very important to consider all possible variants of its placement.

What are the results

What we get as a result of fruitful work:

  1. Qualitatively designed in accordance with all requirements and criteria of the logo
  2. The logo in the CMYK color space used for printing
  3. Logo in RGB color space for use in multimedia
  4. Recommendations for proper use in non-standard tasks
  5. Output files for printing (vector eps, ai) and for the Internet (raster png, psd)
  6. Logo in black, white and color variant
  7. Examples of how the logo will look after printing and stamping
  8. The right to make changes after submitting the layout

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